LOW-COST Support Service – What’s Included?

Unlimited Support – Get help Quickly when you need it most

  • Priority support.

  • Onsite work.

  • Offsite workshop work.

  • Phone, email & remote connection support.

  • Secure remote desktop software.

  • Easy access quick contact form.

Security – The same protection Trusted & Used by Us!

  • Antivirus software provided, installed and managed by us.

  • Virus and Spyware health monitoring.

  • Virus Removals

Proactive Monitoring – Know about Problems before they become Critical

  • Monitor hardware for failures.

  • Monitor event logs for critical events.

  • Monitor disk space.

  • Monitor application errors.

Proactive Maintenance – Keep things running Smoothly to Minimise Problems

  • Apply necessary windows updates & patches.

  • Update third-party applications.

  • Regular file cleanups.

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