Maintenance Service

The Maintenance Service is designed for those who just want their computer to run smoothly, but don’t mind paying for onsite visits or workshop work.

The maintenance service consists of the following components:

  1. Monitoring – We remotely monitor your computer for critical indicators.
  2. Maintenance – We automatically fix any issues identified by our monitor process & update your third party apps.
  3. Security – We install and maintain our award winning endpoint security & remove any infections.
  4. Support – You receive priority support, free remote support & out of hours contact.
  5. Discounts – You receive discounts on onsite, workshop support (currently 50%).

Phone & Remote Connection Support is included, however remedial work requiring onsite or workshop work will incur additional charges at discounted rates.

This service also includes our award winning managed antivirus solution.

Proactive Monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

We will monitor your hardware and receive alerts when any of the following situations occur:

  • Antivirus Protection Disabled
  • Low Hard Drive Space Warning
  • Hard Drive Failing
  • Windows Firewall Disabled

Application Crash Monitoring

We will monitor your computer for recent application crashes. Regular application crashes that are interfering with your everyday use of the computer will be investigated further.

Disk Space Monitoring

Low available hard drive space can be a major cause of poor performance. We will monitor your hard drive in real time and take action if the available space becomes critical.

Event Log Monitoring

We will monitor the system event log for instances of critical entries and take appropriate action if found.

Proactive Maintenance

Microsoft Windows Updates

Windows updates often include feature enhancements and security updates to protect Windows from malware and malicious attacks. These updates are not all necessary, and some can cause issues after installation. It can be difficult for an end user to know what is important.

Windows Patch Management

A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, with such patches usually called bugfixes or bug fixes, and improving the usability or performance. Microsoft often releases patches to address recently discovered vulnerabilities in its software.

3rd Party Software Updates

Unpatched applications like Oracle, Java, Apple, QuickTime, and Adobe Reader leave your systems vulnerable to exploits and malware. Our Third Party Patch Management solution extends Microsoft updates & patching to third party applications to close security holes and guard against attacks and ensure your computers are always up to date.

General File Cleanup

We periodically remove files that are no longer needed and can be safely deleted. Removing unnecessary files, including temporary files, can help to speed up and improve the performance of the computer.


Managed Antivirus & Licensing

A managed antivirus solution is a service we provide, where we take care of installing the software on your computers, and will then manage the solution for you.

Virus & Spyware Health Monitoring

We ensure that scanners are up-to-date and scans are scheduled for a convenient time, thus protecting computers. In the event of any issues, we are notified so that remedial action can quickly be despatched. This often happens without interrupting your work.

Virus Removal

Any threats identified by the service will be removed by us at no additional cost to you.


Priority Service

As a VIP client, your issues will receive priority to ensure all matters are dealt with in a timely manner.

Secure Remote Desktop Software

We use a secure, remote control program that allows us to connect to your computer and troubleshoot and solve problems quickly and effectively. You have the ability to see everything being done simultaneously.

System Tray "Support on Demand"

We provide you with a simple way to contact us for any issues or queries. Our icon is visible in the bottom-right of your screen, and when clicked, presents you with a simple form which is sent directly to us and creates a job in our ticketing system.

Outside Business Hours Support

We will endeavour to respond to your requests in a timely manner outside of normal business hours. This might involve a simple email reply, or a remote connection to your computer to resolve an issue. This aspect of the service will be at our total discretion and will depend on technician availability.

Phone & Remote Connection Support

Outside business hours support is limited to email & SMS contact, with phone contact being at the discretion of the technician and subject to technician availability at the time.


Onsite Work at 50% Discount

If required, clients will be offered onsite services at discounted rates.

Offsite Workshop Work at 50% Discount

If required, clients will be offered offsite workshop services at discounted rates.

Enrollment in the Maintenance Service signifies your understanding and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

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