Guardify Maintenance Service

Designed to keep you safe from malware and maintaining your PC so it always runs like new, plus huge discounts on repairs & support services.

Guardify Maintenance consists of the following:

  • Security software installed and configured,
  • Automatic malware updates,
  • 24/7 protection,
  • Monitor and Manage protection,
  • Free malware removal if infected,
  • Third-party software updates,
  • Microsoft Windows Updates,
  • Regular Clean-ups,
  • Hardware Health Monitoring (e.g. pending disk failures),
  • Regular System Optimisations,
  • Remote Support Discount – 50%,
  • Onsite or Drop-off work Discount – 25%.

$15 per month (each PC)

Enrollment in the Maintenance Service signifies your understanding and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

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